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The Catholic Democrats of Nebraska value all life. Our nation's increasing reliance on the death penalty cannot be justified. Society does not teach that killing is wrong by killing those who kill others. Pope John Paul II has said the penalty of death is "both cruel and unnecessary". We encourage solutions to violent crime that reflect the dignity of the human person, urging our nation to abandon the use of capital punishment. We also urge passage of legislation that would address problems with the judicial system, and restrict and restrain the use of the death penalty through the use of DNA evidence, a guarantee of effective counsel, and efforts to address the issue of racial justice. We also believe that a Catholic ethic of responsibility, rehabilitation, and restoration can become the foundation for the necessary reform of our broken criminal justice system. We acknowledge that Catholic teachings dictate that the taking of human life is justified only when done to protect human life from imminent harm.

The Catholic Democrats of Nebraska support the rights of law-abiding hunters and gun-owners. We support gun safety measures and putting reasonable steps in place to deny criminals and dangerous individuals access to guns.

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